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Acorns: Oak's Offering - The Mighty Acorn

Nature's Spears: The Wild Asparagus Adventure

Black-eyed Susans: The Wild's Gold: Black-eyed Susan's Glow

Chicory: Coffee's Wild Cousin: The Chicory Tale

Creepers: Vine's Embrace: The Mystery of Creepers

Daisies: Sunshine's Smile: The Daisy's Cheer

Queen Anne's Lace: Lacework of the Fields - Queen Anne's Elegance

Violets: Violet Whispers - The Delicate Strength

Wild Parsnip: Beware and Admire - The Dual Faces of Wild Parsnip

Pacific aster, Common California aster

Musk thistle, Nodding thistle, Nodding Plumeless-Thistle

Brown Mustard, Chinese Mustard, Dijon-Mustard

Smooth rose, Meadow Rose, Smooth Wild Rose

Climbing rose, Prairie rose, Climbing Prairie Rose

Prairie Four-o'clock, White four o'clock, Mountain four-o'clock

Dogbane, Indian-hemp, Hemp dogbane


Cornflower, Bachelor's Button, Hurtsickle

Bristly yarrow

Oak-Leaf Fleabane, Oakleaf fleabane, Philadelphia Fleabane

Prairie-parsley, Nuttall's prairie parsley

Sunflower, آفتابگردان, Common sunflower

Blue-of-the-heavens, Blue allium

Southwestern Cosmos

Wild radish, Sea radish, White charlock

Goldenmane Tickseed, Golden-mane coreopsis, Rock tickseed

Cosmos, Garden cosmos, Mexican-aster

Bristly blackberry, Small bristleberry, Setose Blackberry

Endive Chicory, Endive, Escarole

Dwarf Chicory, Wild annual Endive, Small Chicory

Corn, Sweet Corn, Maize

Wild bergamot, Beebalm, Horse-mint

Peruvian zinnia, Field zinnia, Wild zinnia

Colorado riverhemp, Peatree, Bigpod sesbania

Queen Anne's lace, Wild Carrot, Carrot

Chicory, Chickory, Belgium endive


Blackeyed Susan, Black-eyed-Susan, Black-Eyed Susan

Thyme-Leaf Bluet, Thymeleaf bluet

Giant sunflower, Indian-potato, Tall sunflower

Plains coreopsis, Calliopsis, Garden tickseed

Partridge pea, Golden cassia, Sensitive-pea

Giant Ragweed, Horseweed, Buffalo-weed

Scandinavian small-reed

Poison-ivy, Eastern Poison-ivy, Poison Oak

Rattlesnake-weed, American wild carrot, Southwest wild carrot

Pennsylvania blackberry, Pennsylvania Raspberry

Red clover, Purple clover, Meadow Honeysuckle

Autumn olive, Spreading oleaster, Autumn elaeagnus

Tall goldenrod, Giant goldenrod, Early goldenrod

Cherry elaeagnus, Elaeagnus, Goumi

Carolina horsenettle, Devil's tomato, Carolina horse-nettle

Field thistle, Pasture Thistle

Hungarian Brome, Smooth Brome, Awnless Brome

Morning Glory, Dwarf Morning Glory, Dwarf-morning-glory

Evening Prim Rose

Tall Goldenrod, Late goldenrod, Canada goldenrod

Sorghum, Great millet, Rhodesian Sudan grass

Roadside thistle, Tall thistle, Blue Thistle

Northern evening primrose, Evening primrose, Small-Flowered Evening-Primrose

Stiff sunflower, Rigid sunflower

Tickseed-sunflower, Western tickseed, Beggerticks

Bush honeysuckle, Amur honeysuckle, Maack's honeysuckle

Silver maple, Sugar Maple, Soft maple

Hairy gumweed, Marsh gumweed, Grindelia

Bitter bottle gourd, Zucchini, Pumpkin

Plume goldenrod, Goldenrod, Early goldenrod

Bushy Aster, Long-Stalk Aster, Rice Button Aster

Awl Aster, Frost Aster, Frost-Weed Aster

Sea aster, Sea starwort

No common name

Heath Aster, Dense-Flower Aster, Elongate Aster

Daffodil, Tenby daffodil, Wild daffodil

Dwarf feather grass, Dwarf feathergrass, Hairy feather grass

Shrubby Birch

Goose plum, American plum, American red plum

Bradford Pear, Callery pear, Ornamental pear

Henbit deadnettle, Henbit Dead-nettle, Henbit

Chilean solidago

Cut-leaved Dandelion, Dandelion, Diente de león

Austrian Rocket, Jeweled rocket, Rocket

Ox-eye Daisy, Field Daisy, Margriet

Saw-Tooth Blackberry, Southern blackberry, Blackberry

American dewberry, Northern dewberry, Whiplash Dewberry

Bearded Iris, Flags, German Iris

Common milkweed, Tulvan Florin, Virginia-silk

Mongolian Dandelion

Californian Poppy, California-poppy, California sunlight

Eastern Chamomile

White clover, Dutch clover, White Dutch clover

Sulphur cinquefoil, Erect cinquefoil, Erect potentil

Hop Trefoil, Large hop clover, Great hop trefoil

Dandelion, قاصدک, گل قاصدک

Common yarrow, Yarrow, Milfoil

Henbit deadnettle, Henbit, Henbit Dead-nettle

Common Penny-Cress, Field Penny-cress, Bastard cress

Swamp dock, Water Dock

Prairie sedge

Pride of Ohio, Pride-of-Ohio, Common shootingstar

Wild garlic, Wild Onion, Field garlic

Bull thistle, Black Thistle, Spear thistle

Russian peashrub, Russian pea shrub

Golden spray, Native Broom


Small flowered winter-cress, Small-Flowered Winter-Cress

Morrow’s honeysuckle, Morrow's honeysuckle, Fly Honeysuckle

Large Buttercup, Showy buttercup, Smallflower buttercup

Italian Sugarcane, Ravenna Grass, Plume grass

Greek dock, Crested dock

Water-parsnip, Lesser water-parsnip, Narrow-leaf water-parsnip

Stool iris

White avens, Canada Avens

Blue marsh violet, Marsh blue violet, Marsh violet

Dead Nettle

Common blue violet, Violet, Woolly blue violet

Aunt Lucy, False babyblueeyes, Waterpod

Chinese Haalahalam, చైనీస్ హాలాహలం

Small-flower crowfoot, Littleleaf buttercup, Kidney-Leaf Buttercup

Cypresshead groundcherry

Rugel's plantain, Pale plantain, American plantain

Dandelion, Taraxacum Officinale, قاصدک

Tumble knapweed, Diffuse knapweed, Small-flower star thistle

American Yellow-Rocket, American yellowrocket, Erect-Fruit Wintercress


Seacoast Angelica, Seabeach angelica, Seaside angelica

Queen Anne’s snowflake

Sweet William, Sweet William [Dianthus], Bloomy Down

Tiny Bluet

Hyacinth, سنبل آبی, Common Hyacinth

Bittercress, Cressy-Greens, Garden Yellow Rocket

Little barley, Little wild barley

Ohio goldenrod

Salt-marsh goldenrod, Seaside goldenrod, Evergreen Goldenrod

Woodland draba, Woodland whitlowgrass, Woods draba

Intermediate wintercress, Medium-flower wintercress, Medium flowered winter-cress

Stemless thistle, Dwarf thistle

Blue Lettuce, Russian blue lettuce, Chicory lettuce

Grassland agoseris, Bigflower agoseris, Large-flowered agoseris

Greenhorn adobe-lily, Striped adobe lily, Striped abobe lily

Beardless wild rye, Creeping wild rye, Beardless lymegrass

Figwort, Carpenter's-square, Eastern figwort

Beach creeping oxeye

Patience dock, Curly Dock, Spinach dock

Wild parsnip, Englisc more, Parsnip

Pussy Willow, Common Sallow, Great sallow

Blackthorn, Sloe, Sloe Berry

Garlic pennycress, Roadside pennycress, Garlic Penny-cress

Fremont's death camas, Star zygadene, Star-lily

Purple deadnettle, Purple Archangel, Red Dead-nettle

Hedge-nettle, Bugle hedge-nettle, Bugle hedgenettle

Hybrid violet, Melissa-leaved violet

Great water-parsnip, Greater water-parsnip, Wideleaf waterparsnip


White vervain, Burvine, Nettle-leaf vervain

Clary, Clary sage, Europe sage

Poison hemlock, Hemlock, Fool's-parsley

Bog goldenrod, Fall Goldenrod, Northern Bog Goldenrod

Field Marigold, Wild marigold, همیشه بهار صحرایی، آرگون وحشی

Shingle oak, Jack oak, Northern Laurel Oak

Gaugeplant, Single-stem butterweed, Lamb-Tongue Ragwort

Silverberry, Wolf-willow, American Silver-Berry

Common evening primrose, Evening Primrose, Field Primrose

Prairie peppergrass, Prairie pepperweed, Prairie pepperwort

Bastard Cress, Cream-Anther Field Pepperwort, Field Cress

Chaffweed pimpernel, Chaffweed, False pimpernel

Pale dock, Smooth dock, Tall dock

Marsh dandelion, Fen Dandelion

Streamside Fleabane, Smooth fleabane

Wooly Mullein, Woolly Mullein, Orange mullein

Dyer's woad, Woad, Asp-Of-Jerusalem

Tansy mustard, Western tansy mustard, Western tansymustard

Chinese buckthorn

Fountain Thistle

Austrian field cress, Austrian yellow cress, Austrian Yellowcress

Common Comfrey, Comfrey, Healingherb

Pennell's speedwell, Chain speedwell, Pink water speedwell

Bur chervil, Burr chervil, Bur Parsley

Flat-stem spike-rush, Flatstem spikerush, Flat-Stem Spikerush

Red-Seed Plantain, Redseed plantain

Dahurian angelica, Fragrant angelica

Common motherwort, Motherwort, دم شیر

California figwort, Oregon figwort

Bilbao fleabane

Weedy hawksbeard, Crepis-dandelion, Dandelion crepis

Eastern daisy fleabane, Daisy fleabane, Whitetop

Daisy-star aster, Mountain-daisy

Hoary plantain, Pale-seed plantain, Virginia plantain

Ternate-leaf cinquefoil, Rough cinquefoil, Norwegian cinquefoil

White violet, Parma violet, Фіалка біла

American cress, Belle Island cress, Early wintercress

Southern Daisy, Garden Daisy

Bitter lettuce, Great lettuce, Wild lettuce

Japanese maple, Full-moon maple, Downy Japanese maple

Curly dock, Yellow dock, Curled dock

Alpine Pansy, Gesporntes Veilchen, Long-spurred Pansy

Slender borage, Dwarf borage

Cinnamon rose, May rose, Double cinnamon rose

Prairie rose, Arkansas Rose, Prairie Wildrose

Large-flowered Leopard's-bane

Buckler mustard

Tall Violet, Manchu Viola

Alpine Pasqueflower, Alpine anemone

Beach Poppy, Horned-poppy, Yellow horned-poppy

Lawn burrweed, Field burweed, Lawn burweed

Tansy mustard, Flixweed, Herb-Sophia

Field sowthistle, Sowthistle, Field Milk-thistle

Iberian spirea, Saint John's Wort-leaved Spirea

Cream flowered Sneezewort

Foetid hawk's-beard, Roadside hawk's-beard, Stinking hawk's-beard

Common dandelion, Wild Dandelion, Dandelion

Devil's-bit Scabious, Premorse, Devil's-bit

Rue-leaf saxifrage, Rueleaf saxifrage, Nailwort

Bog pimpernel, European bog pimpernel

Dandelion, Blowball, Common Dandelion

Stiff goldenrod, Stiff-leaf goldenrod, Rigid goldenrod

Dandelion, Marigold

Smooth cat's ear, Smooth flatweed, False dandelion

Melancholy thistle

Two-flower melic, Twoflower melicgrass

Oriental Goat's Rue

Manchurian cherry, Amur cherry, Amur chokecherry

Spear Thistle, Bull Thistle, Scottish thistle

Meadow gagea, Hamisheh Bahar

Parnassus Dandelion

Dropwort, Common Queen-Of-The-Meadow, Aglică

Carolina geranium, Carolina crane's-bill

False-spiraea, Sorbaria, Ash-Leaved Spiraea

Plains beebalm, Spotted beebalm, Pony beebalm

Dandelion, قاصدک, Ταράξακο

White spirea, Shiny-Leaf Meadowsweet

Hairy violet

Sweet violet, Garden violet, English violet

Thale-cress, Mouse-ear cress, Wall cress

Whorled Caraway

Winter Cress, Bitter Cress, Garden Yellowrocket

Multiflora rose, Rambler rose, Japanese rose

American plantain, Rugel's plantain, Pale plantain

Purple deadnettle, Purple Archangel, Red Deadnettle

Hawkweed Ox-tongue, Hawkweed oxtongue, Ox-tongue

Smelly wallflower, Wallflower

Bitter candytuft, Rocket candytuft, Wild candytuft

Common dandelion, Wild Dandelion, The common dandelion, scientifically known as Taraxacum officinale, is a widespread and easily recognizable weed found in many parts of the world. It's characterized by its bright yellow flowers and distinctive toothed leaves that form a rosette at ground

Rock dandelion, Red-seed dandelion, Red-Seeded Dandelion

Western wallflower, Prairie rocket

Common yellow wood-sorrel, Wood-shamrock, Slender yellow wood-sorrel

Saw-Tooth Blackberry, Southern blackberry, Wild Blackberry

Smooth Meadow-grass, Kentucky bluegrass, English meadow grass

Willow dock, Willow-leaf dock, Willow-leaved Dock

Common Dogwood, Dogwood, Pegwood

Coralberry, Round snowberry, Indian-currant

Ox-eye Daisy, Field Daisy, Shasta daisy

Ox-Eye Daisy, Oxeye daisy, Dog Daisy

Black cherry, Wild cherry, Rum cherry

Ox-Eye Daisy, Oxeye daisy, Daisy

Mallow ninebark, Mallow-leaf ninebark, Mallow-leaved ninebark

Small-flowered Cranesbill, Small-flower crane's-bill, Small-flowered Crane's-bill

Broadleaf mock orange, Hoary mock orange, Hoary mockorange

Tall blue lettuce, Blue wood lettuce, Wild Blue Lettuce

Hairy lettuce, Downy lettuce, Red-Stemmed Lettuce

Eastern gama grass, Gama grass, Buffalo-grass

Garden asparagus, Asparagus, Gemüsespargel

Red clover, Meadow Honeysuckle, Purple clover

Cornflower, Bachelor button, Blue Cap

Peach, هلو, Peach tree

Yellow wood-sorrel, Sourgrass, Yellow woodsorrel

Field Rose, Musk rose, Cat Rose

African daisy, Transvaal daisy, Flame-ray daisy

Hairy Evening-Primrose, Hairy Yellow Evening-Primrose, Villose Evening Primrose

Wild Daisy

White meadowsweet, Meadowsweet, Pale bridewort

Alsike clover, Swedish clover, Hybrid clover

Holy-flax, Rosmary Santolina

Noble yarrow, Yarrow, Creamy Yarrow

Cock's-foot, Orchard grass, Barnyard grass

Madagascar ragwort, Fireweed, Madagascar groundsel