Caution is the name of the game.

Allergies, especially food allergies, are no joke.

Misidentifying something could lead to sickness and even death.

Just because someone on the internet said “XYZ” does not mean you’re safe.

You are never safe – and you are always responsible for you.

When embarking on something like eating wild plants…then that’s on you.

Do LOTS of research – don’t just trust this website or that website – go out and learn from everyone you can.

Go grab some books, not just new ones either – go to that weird building in town (it’s called a library…it’s a lot like an analog internet) and grab…an actual book. Scratch that, grab a bunch of them, sit down and confirm. Then confirm some more.

To the best of our knowledge no one has ever died from having too much information, but there are far too many stories of those who died from too little.

The more you know…

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, we’re not liable for your actions or lack of knowledge. Any information on this website has been provided for entertainment purposes only and while we try really, really hard, we can’t promise every single thing is 100% factual, especially since so much opinion seems to slip in. Shameless really, but it is what it is – and what it is would be a good faith attempt at providing the best information possible, but mistakes happen, most of us are human…

So yeah, good luck and don’t do anything stupid or anything you read on this website, ’cause if you do, it’s on you.